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Авто объявления Toyota

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Toyota - Hittesh-Kumarused cars , we deal on all type of used cars of all brand
Объявление: Автомобили - Toyota
Тип объявления: продам
Возраст и цена: до 1 года, 5000$ - 10000$
Стоимость: 10000
Страна нахождения: Киргизия, ОАЭ, Россия, Узбекистан, Украина
23.09.2015, 20:54
Текст объявления: Hittesh-Kumarused cars , we deal on all type of used cars of all brand, we can deliver to any country /city round the world. We deal on very superior cars you can ever imagine and all our cars are in perfect condition 100%, no damage ,everything factory fitted . We also give guarantee/ warrantte for every car bought in our company and insurance well covered. We give 10% discount for each sales. Do not miss the opportunity to buy from us because we are the best. You can contact us with the following contacts below: Abdul Rasheed Umar EMAIL : abdul.rasheed@hitesh-kumarusedcar.com We are always available to sale to you best quality cars that can serve you for life time and always available to serve you at all time
Контактное лицо: ABDUL RASHEED UMAR | abdul.rasheed@hitesh-kumarusedcar.com
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